KINGED cover: revealed!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to announce the official cover for KINGED: Goodreads And here’s the blurb: Rex Latour is a dangerous man. The first night I met him, he beat down two guys for knocking me over outside of a bar, but afterward he barely gave me the time of day. He’s deliciously ripped, tattooed, and completely frustrating. I know he’s involved with some terrifying people, but I keep… Read More »KINGED cover: revealed!

Kinged cover preview and other updates

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Hi everyone! First, thanks again to all those that have read and reviewed Undersold. I really appreciate all the amazing support I’ve gotten through these past two weeks. As promised, I am officially finished with Kinged! The final draft has been finished, and it is back from my editor. To celebrate, here’s a little preview of the cover: I’m incredibly excited about Kinged, and I honestly think you guys are going to love… Read More »Kinged cover preview and other updates