KINGED cover: revealed!

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce the official cover for KINGED:



And here's the blurb:

Rex Latour is a dangerous man. The first night I met him, he beat down two guys for knocking me over outside of a bar, but afterward he barely gave me the time of day. He's deliciously ripped, tattooed, and completely frustrating.

I know he's involved with some terrifying people, but I keep getting pulled back in by his perfect body and confident smile. His past is a blur of drugs, sex, and crime, and yet I feel safe and alive when he's around.

Rex Latour is bad news. He owes money to the Irish Mob, and they'll do anything to get back at him. Especially by hurting me.

So why can't I stay away?

KINGED contains graphic adult content (swearing, explicit sex, and violence). It is only appropriate for audiences 18+.

KINGED is a standalone, full-length novel.

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