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I can barely keep myself under control when the boss is around. I can’t imagine what the office might think . . .

My life is crumbling all around me. My dad is dying of cancer, my job barely pays the bills, and I have crushing student loans hanging over everything.

But things change when I meet a mysterious man online. He’s sexy as hell, passionate, and ripped in all the right places. I can’t take my eyes off the dirty texts and pictures he sends me.

It turns out that my mystery date is notorious reclusive billionaire Shane Green, and he’s planning on buying a smartphone app that I wrote myself. Now I’m stuck working for the man who looks at me like he wants to tear my clothes off every day. He’s controlling and incredibly private, and he loves pushing my buttons with that cocky grin.

There are new rules, rules which threaten everything around me. I need to figure out how to deal with my overwhelming desire for my new boss or else risk giving him more than I bargained for.

Undersold contains mature content (explicit sexual situations and mature language), and is recommended for audiences 18+.

Undersold is a full-length, standalone novel. No cliffhanger.