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I’m a player and a criminal, but I still have my honor . . .

I live to make money and get laid, a new girl every night.

Until I get caught up in the middle of a Mob war.

All because of her, Ellie Boucher, my kid brother’s gorgeous kindergarten teacher and the unluckiest girl in the entire city. When she stumbles onto something she shouldn’t see, the Mob’s new leader orders me to silence her forever.

But I can’t, and when I turn my back on the Mob to save the life of a girl I barely know, I’m scrambling to keep her alive and to make her mine.

Every day is more dangerous than the next, especially with her f**king perfect curves distracting me from what I need to do.

It’s time to protect the woman I want before the city leaves us behind.

Honored contains mature content (explicit sexual situations, mature language, and violence), and is recommended for audiences 18+.

HONORED is a full-length, standalone novel. No cliffhanger.