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Bastard SEAL

That bastard got me pregnant and then he disappeared.

Handsome, ripped, and dangerous. If only I’d known that the delicious stranger was a Navy SEAL on a mission. For just one night, Emory Rush seduced me on the dance floor, carried me to his bed, and made me feel things I never could have imagined.

Then he vanished, leaving me alone and pregnant. If it weren’t for my son Mason I would think it was all a dream. A fantasy, that a man like Emory could make me feel so good.

When he shows up on my doorstep months later to warn me that my life is in danger, I can’t believe him. But soon it all becomes clear: Emory’s been hunting a group of international terrorists, and now those enemies know that Mason and I exist.

We’re in danger, and the only man that can protect us is the same bastard that left me shattered.

With a terrorist plot threatening the country and the future of our family at stake, we have to learn to trust each other or else lose everything.