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Raging Hard

My stepbrother is raging hard and he won’t be controlled. When we first met, he was only a perfectly gorgeous stranger all covered in tattoos.

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One Night SEAL

He took me from the mob, and now he’s going to keep me. Travis Rock is rough, ripped, and so deadly. He’s a bad boy Navy SEAL, and he wants to save me.

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Kissing the Killer

The killer took me, but I won’t be his. He came in the night, killed my abusive father, and carried me away. Brooks is an arrogant mafia hitman, all ripped muscles and dark tattoos. He kills for a living, and he doesn’t get close to anyone or anything.

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Bastard SEAL medium

Bastard SEAL

That bastard got me pregnant and then he disappeared. If only I’d known that the delicious stranger was a Navy SEAL on a mission. For just one night, Emory Rush seduced me on the dance floor and made me feel things I never could have imagined.

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Biker’s Claim

I’ve been claimed by the wrong biker. The Demons MC is at war. When my father, the president of the Demons, asks me to marry the leader of a rival gang in order to bind the two clubs together, I agree to help.

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Bastard’s Baby

I had that bastard’s baby and now I need his help. Vince Mori is my enemy. He’s an infamous Italian mobster, all ripped muscles and dangerous tattoos. He’s a cocky a**hole, and for just one night that was exactly what I was looking for.

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SEALed Bride

I’m going to marry the playboy Navy SEAL for one million dollars. Nash Bell is sexy, arrogant, and totally filthy.

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Biker’s Bride

I never wanted to be owned by a biker. I’m a good person, a normal college girl. But when I witness a gang murder, my future hangs in the balance.

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Step Bride

I’m the mobster’s forbidden bride. I never wanted to do anything crazy. I’m a good girl, the total opposite of my reality TV star mother. But in Vegas, anything can happen. Even marrying a rich, handsome stranger.

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My arrogant stepbrother has a secret. I never saw a dead body before I met my new stepbrother Easton Wright. Back then I was just another normal college girl trying to escape her small town life.

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He’s my stepbrother, my husband, and my dirty little secret. It all started with a mistake. He was a stranger back then. Arrogant, cocky, and sexy as hell, I couldn’t resist falling into his orbit.

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He’s cocked and always ready, my stepbrother the thief. He’s a thug and a grifter, always looking for something new to fill the hole inside of him.

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Rock Hard

My stepbrother is Rock Hard and I’m losing it. Reid “Climber” Conway is the best mountain climber on the West Coast. They say he’s harder than the steep cliffs he climbs up.

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Real men don’t give a F**K. Lincoln “Based” Carter doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s an arrogant, protective a**hole and the most famous extreme sports athlete in the world.

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My future stepbrother. My personal bodyguard. Colin Blake is a mob a**hole. He’s rude, crude, and loves a good fight.

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I’m a player and a criminal, but I still have my honor. I live to make money and get laid, a new girl every night. Until I get caught up in the middle of a Mob war.

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Noah Carterson is arrogant, gorgeous, and a total a**hole. I hate him, but I can’t stop staring at his panty-melting hot body. And the fact that Noah’s father tried to ruin my mom’s life makes things complicated.

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Rex Latour is a dangerous man. The first night I met him, he beat down two guys for knocking me over outside of a bar, but he barely gave me the time of day. He’s deliciously ripped, gorgeous, tattooed, and completely frustrating.

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Muscular man with sexy abs and suit over white wall


I can barely keep myself under control when the boss is around. I can’t imagine what the office might think . . .

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Gibson Evans is the best college football quarterback in the country. He’s tall, broad, tattooed, and so incredibly handsome. And he got me pregnant. It was supposed to be just one night, but a broken condom changed all of our plans forever.

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Royal Rock

It was like a dream when the crown prince of Starkland flew me and my family out to his castle. We thought it was just another vacation, but of course the prince had other plans. He goes by Trip, and he’s one filthy a-hole. He’s a notorious bad boy and jaw-droppingly handsome, as much as I hate to admit it.

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